viernes, 25 de agosto de 2017

Yellow Days - Hurt In Love - 2017

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  1. Yellow Days is the 17-year-old matching melancholic melodies and soulful vocals.

    17-year-old (yes, he’s only 17…) George van den Broek is the bedroom writer and producer that harnesses his experience of odd and confusing times – which are plentiful when you haven’t even hit 18 yet – and overwhelming emotions that complicate matters and muddle feelings, to create an emotional soul and blues sound that he’s been releasing inklings of to the internet for the past year. With intricate grooves and hints of 80s-influence synth work, Yellow Days’ abstract sound and evocative lyrics reels you in, with a lovelorn longing tapping into emotions you never knew you had.

    Now, with his 7-track EP “Harmless Melodies” having hit the airwaves, Yellow Days is proving his skill as an artist and producer, using his weathered, King Krule-like vocals to explore the last three years of his life, from the last time he spent with his first love (so bittersweet) to a depressive pessimistic attitude that he can’t shake. Hedonistic, with an underlying layer of slight sadness, Yellow Days’ sound hits at the darker side of blues to create tracks full of raw honesty and melancholic melodies that clutch at your heartstrings.


  2. As I lay in the confines of my own mind
    And the cracks I find
    I wonder if I wasted your time bringing you here
    I watched the flood of your crystal clear tears
    As they slipped from your eyes
    As I slipped from your mind
    Oh my, to be hurt in love
    Well darling, that's certain love
    Yeah to be hurt in love
    (oh to be hurt in love yeah thats certain love)
    Oh darling that's certain love
    As I lay on the outside of my own mind
    Yeah it's cold tonight
    Yeah the feeling is no good
    Yeah the feels not right
    So I'll just hold on tight
    I hear the strangest sounds
    Falling down this holes in the ground
    I can't think
    Held back tears but I won't blink
    As I stand on the brink
    Oh to be hurt in love
    To be hurt in love
    Well darling that's certain love
    Yeah to be hurt in love
    Oh darling that's certain love