jueves, 26 de julio de 2018

Astronautica - Can’t Remember - 2018

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  1. "The desert is a recurring theme in a lot of my music and art. Something about it – the contrast of what looks like desolation to the naked eye to the vibrancy that one sees upon looking closer, the silence that allows you to hear the faint sounds in the air, the formations that are colors you've never even heard of before, and night sky that serves as a backdrop for every star in our galaxy – are all elements that I wanted to echo in Death Valley. I wanted to create an album that people could listen to while they cruise through their desert, wherever or whatever that may be for them." - Astronautica
    Astronautica is back with new music this year, scheduled to release Death Valley with Alpha Pup Records on digital and physical formats, August 24, 2018. Death Valley is the singer-songwriter's much anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed album, Gemini, and the recent Gemini Remixes EP. Written and recorded over the last three years, Astronautica captured Death Valley at her home studio in Los Angeles. This was completed around her Ace Hotel residency, festival dates through the States, a mini-tour up the West Coast, and a month long stint with Low End Theory. Like her past works, the new record captures the eclectic nature of LA's experimental electronic scene and the connections tethered into various cultures around the globe. Astronautica has released music with Alpha Pup Records for five years, dropping her debut-full length Replay Last Night in 2013, and following up with the 2014's Waikiki EP and 2015's Gemini LP. Death Valley continues her fruitful journey as one of LA's most prominent and respected voices in the underground and finds the rising artist creating her best work to date. An accompanied merchandise line will launch with the release of Death Valley, along with a handful of tour dates around the US in support.