sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016

Luísa Maita - Fio da Memória - 2016

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  1. Intensity" is probably the best word to describe Fio da Memória [Memory Thread]
    The creation and development of the album were as intense as its outcome.
    When the album began to be recorded in 2012 it had a decidedly electronic aesthetic. It slowly became infused with a more acoustic quality, as it meandered through different languages and stages. Its gestation was long and deeply experienced, with rich experimentation and the involvement of many wonderful musicians that enriched the initial intentions.

    All the composer’s diverse influences reveal themselves in the record as does the backdrop of the urban Brazil in which she lives. The styles vary from electronic to traditional, including flavors of Brazilian popular music, jazz, dancehall, samba and more.
    Luísa is delighted by the result: “What I like the most is the intensity
    of the arrangements, the contrasts.