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Chromatics - In the City - 2010

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  1. This album was released proceeding the Italians Do It Better debut, ‘Night Drive’, which was much more dreamy than the proceeding albums which would sometimes be labeled as post-disco. ‘Night Drive’ contained more good characteristics than bad, but it was clear that Chromatics was timidly and gradually building up to their synthesizer-drowned, re-verb-soaked, psychotropic, gender-confused, paranoid dream pop. Soon after listening to the title-track of this album, I realized how mature Chromatics is, and this is the most autumnal that they have sounded in their whole discography.

    String leads, driving bass melodies, guitar lines and drum programming make ‘In The City’ an intricate and dreamy listen. The first track instantly pulls the auditor into a deep psychedelia, tranquil and, in a hidden way, ambiguous and scary. “Shining violence, shining victim / in the headlights, shining pistol / shimmer diamonds from a necklace / faceless driver, drive away / in the city…” Chromatics, unlike most other bands attempting aforementioned atmosphere, hone this style perfectly on this EP. In the ballad-esque Springsteen cover, “I’m On Fire”, Chromatics furthers this idea with an extremely calm sound and pedophiliac lyrics. The music, though somewhat simple, is very catchy and has well-developed synth hooks. This is displayed mainly on “Lady”, a song with robotic auto-tuning and melodic keyboard leads (this song would be recorded later in a more accessible fashion on ‘Kill For Love’, but I think that the original is much better than this one.) “Tears of Pain” possesses these qualities as well in a synthesized, orchestrated means. Clearly, Chromatics was a band who was very passionate about their music and exceedingly skilled.

  2. Shining violence
    Shining victim
    In the headlights
    Shining pistol
    Shimmer diamonds from a necklace
    Faceless driver, drive away
    In the city
    In the city
    In the street
    In the doorway
    You can see them
    Midnight walkers
    Midnight eyes
    Midnight footsteps
    Midnight prize
    In the city
    Concrete river
    I hear your voice
    Concrete river
    I see your face
    Whisper to me
    Ask me
    Shining violence (in the city)