lunes, 14 de mayo de 2018

Henry Wu & Tito Wun - Andre The Giant Vs Bob Sapp - 2016

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  1. 27 Karat Years - a time-travel to 1970s planet earth.

    Henry Wu & Tito Wun take the listener on a worldly journey with this collaborative release, recorded over seven days in the legendary former Kraftwerk studio “Electro Müller” in Düsseldorf, 2015. The six tracks, all recorded live, are so rich with flavor and North African ambience that you can taste the dry spice-filled air of the souq on your tongue.
    With Pascal Schäfer (Sin & Soul Records) on flute and sax, Henry and Tito reconnect with the era that laid the cornerstone of modern dance music, while respectfully adding their signature texture and sound.