jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2020

Munir - Together We Live - 2018

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  1. Munir represents the new wave of millennial multi hyphenates - Bandung’s boogie darling is a record collector, label owner, graphic designer, and music producer who has put Indonesia on the map with his deliriously infectious disco edits.

    His vault is the envy of many collectors, well stocked with soul rarities, all thanks to his uncle, who often brought back precious loot from his travels as a sailor.

    Growing up in the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province greatly shaped the producer’s musical influence - the advent of bootlegging culture reached its height in the eighties, where the ripping of obscure pop, funk, and boogie from vinyl to cassettes exploded throughout the city. Munir continues this legacy in his technique by actively sampling cassette tapes, to retain the crackling bootleg authenticity, and sharing that bit of aural culture through his work - some things can never grow old.

    Munir has had a few releases under the label, so he is no stranger to the Darker Than Wax family - but this latest project from the irresistible force is definitely one of the most exciting yet. “Veranda Grande” still retains his signature analogue sound and is very much driven by rhythm and groove, albeit a little more polished and void of the campy, sampled vocals. The dynamics abound the course of the album grows funkier in their little variations and is one that keeps rewarding with repeat listens.